Chapter 1207 (Teaser)

His vision became cloudy. It felt like he was driving a car with frosted glass in an unusually cold winter.


There were no warning windows so why was he like this...


Bondre, who continued to use magic at the command of Areum, couldn’t hold on. His entire body trembled. Without noticing it, he was feeling completely drained. An unknown voice echoed, adding to his confusion. The origin of the voice was the Black Tortoise Jewel that adorned the center of the great hall.

『 It’s cold... 』

『 It hurts... 』

『 Hurts... I’m scared... 』

『 Who am I? 』

『 I don’t think I know... 』

『 When I’m gone... .』

『 People... people are in danger... 』

‘Is this the voice of the black tortoise?’

Bondre’s eyes that were filled with a haze gradually changed. They glittered like the stars in the sky, just like the old days when he was struggling to reach the top.

‘The relationship between the black tortoise and the yangbans is different from the rumors.’

Bondre’s vision became clear when he realized a new fact. A notification window came up.

[★Hidden Quest★ Protect the Artifact of the Four Gods has failed.]

[Your level has dropped by 4.]

[★Hidden Quest★ Real Myth has occurred!]

Bondre noticed. He realized that the smile on the face of the beautiful woman sitting in the bathtub was more smelly than the fishy smell of freshwater fish.

‘I was caught by these dog-like guys.’

Bondre’s brain was activated...

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