Chapter 1206 (Teaser)





The movement speed of the black tortoise, who had become smaller, was as slow as a tortoise. It was maddening for the high rankers who valued time more than gold but no one dared to complain. It was because the ones leading them were not only a god, but also Grid, the first ranked player.

‘It is a god so it must have a deep meaning.’

‘That’s right. There’s a reason why the black tortoise is walking slower than anyone else, even though it should be anxious. Isn’t there a saying that the more anxious you are, the more you crawl.’

‘Grid knows this as well so he’s quiet.’ 

‘The longest way around is the shortest way home?’

The high rankers were trying to convince themselves while Grid was looking at the new system. He was looking at the list of available skills that were less frequently used.

[1. Unbreakable Justice - used in 15 out of the last 100 battles.

2. Continuous Stab - used in 6 out of the last 100 battles.

3. Spear Shot - used in 2 out of the last 100 battles.] 

‘My fights with ordinary monsters are also included in recent battles.’

Only in this way could the ratio on the list be correct.

‘Passive skills are excluded.’

If passive skills were included then Bow Mastery should also be on the list. Grid hadn’t shot a bow recently so Bow Mastery wasn’t put to use. 

‘Unique skills are also excluded...’

What skills have he used the least? Grid asked...

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