Chapter 1205 (Teaser)

[The fifth page of the epic has been completed.]

[Your status has risen to the next level with the completion of that epic.]

[You have checked your own flaws based on the increased status.]

[Identified that there are less frequently used skills in your possession.]

[Recognize the need to combine less frequently used skills into one skill.]

[The ‘Skill Synthesis’ system is activated.]

[Your Deity stat has increased by 1.]


Every time he built up his transcendent senses, Grid earned rewards like developing his senses and strengthening his physical abilities. He naturally thought that perfect transcendence referred to a person with better senses and body. Now it seemed a bit misleading.

‘Is the ultimate transcendence a flawless existence beyond just level?’

Grid recalled the ‘absolute’ status mentioned in the God Killer title. In order to reach the absolute state through a typical route, the prerequisite was to acquire transcendence by exceeding his limits.

‘Absolute being... based on the name, it seems obvious there should be no defects.’

[Skill Synthesis]

[Select the skills that are least...

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