Chapter 1204 (Teaser)

A monster emerged from the space where the yangban’s treasure should be? The monster’s attitude was also strange in many ways. It wasn’t hostile to Grid, nor did it help the two dying yangbans.

“My guess is that the monster is a third force. We don’t have to worry about it...”

“Don’t make me laugh. You might not know the myths of the East Continent but the Four Auspicious Beasts are gods who serve the yangbans. It is unconditionally on the side of the yangbans.” 

“Based on the appearance, is this the black tortoise?”

“There is the name ‘Black Tortoise’ above its head. Who will it be if it isn’t the black tortoise?”

“It looks different. In all the murals of the Four Gods, the black tortoise had a white head with beautiful blue eyes. It had a mysterious and sacred feeling, not such a terrible look.”

“Then is this a fake?”

“Of course it is a fake. A god wouldn’t try to destroy the world. In fact, it is turning a blind eye to the yangbans’ crisis.”


“That monster won’t target us even if we become hostile to the yangbans. We have to choose.”

From the time the monster emerged from the building that should contain the...

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