Chapter 1199 (Teaser)

“Is the treasure we need to protect here?”

“The treasure is an artifact of the Four Gods? It is the death god among the Four Gods so is there any care that needs to be taken when handling it? For example, should it stay away from fire?”

“Are there no enemies at all?”

“In the event of an enemy invasion, how long will it take for the troops to arrive? What and how many traps have been set up nearby to stop the enemy from invading?”

A square building—the rankers were taken to the strange building that had no exits at all and released a bombardment of questions. All their confusion and fury were subdued. A penalty of losing four levels...

They judged there was no need to be agitated when the penalty would only occur if the quest failed.

“Please answer me.”

Knowing oneself before the enemy was the most basic formula for victory. However, the client didn’t answer the question and remained silent. It was a serious problem when the client who should be the most cooperative wasn’t motivated. It was an attitude that would reduce the motivation of the rankers trying to complete the quest.

‘What are you going to do?’

The client—the longer the beautiful black-haired woman who guided the rankers...

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