Chapter 1196 (Teaser)

“Two levels? Wow, the rewards are crazy.” 

The reaction of the top 1,000 rankers who received the Call of the Heavens quest was hot. The so-called high rankers were at least level 370. It was hard to gain 4~5% experience after a whole day of hunting and quests that gave levels as rewards were hard to clear. The sudden quest that gave two levels was like timely rain in a drought.

“Is this an event?”

“The S.A Group has finally learned how to deal with public sentiment.”

It was a surprise quest that made people suspect favoritism. Reinforcement, drawing, production, etc.—every time all types of probability content were conducted, the rankers were busy swearing at the S.A Group. Now they rarely praised the S.A Group and trembled with joy. It only lasted 10 seconds.

“...The time limit of the quest is a week.”

“What? This damn thing!”

This was the period of the National Competition. There was still one day until the end of the National Competition and this was roughly three days in game time. Naturally, the majority of high-ranking players were participating in the National Competition. It was virtually impossible to reach a certain part of the East Continent in just four days.

“This event is bullshit. It is just teasing us.”

“These S.A XXXX are too much. If such a quest is released at this timing, the fairness of those participating in the competition and those absent from the competition will be different.”

“This will hurt the growth of those participating in the National Competition....

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