Chapter 1195

The reason Braham stayed quiet throughout the incident was because he was wary of the level of Qi Jian’s people. Until they were escorted to the inn, Braham thought they were really civilians.

Qi Jian’s people were ordinary. At least, until the cuckoo meat was ordered. Qi Jian’s group showed their real strength the moment food was ordered and this brought a strong impact to Braham. In particular, the scene where the magical net launched by a pale-faced scholar squeezed all the mana in the area was spectacular. The mana flowing in the air was broken down and sealed. If Braham was an ordinary magician then he would’ve suffered a setback.

‘There are no worms.’

It was worthy of praise that they hid their strength from the legendary great magician. Braham carefully observed and judged the strength of Qi Jian’s group before quietly gesturing. Then the chaotic mana in the air gathered at his fingertips. 


It happened when the face of the pale-faced scholar turned blue... 

The masked men who stormed into the room, Qi Jian, and even the Twelve Zodiacs turned to stone.


Braham was flustered. There was no way to use magic power to suppress the aura of petrification rising from the tip of his toes. Earth God—the power of the white tiger that Grid used at this moment was completely unreasonable. Brahan hurriedly opened his mental world. Likewise, he went against reason to resist the power of the white tiger.


Once everyone except for Grid and Braham became stone statues, Grid got up and approached Qi Jian. He slowly pulled out his sword and aimed it at Qi Jian’s neck.

“Of course I’m on your side!”

After a while, Qi Jian was freed from petrification and shouted while raising his hands. It wasn’t a lie to save his life. Knowing that Grid wasn’t the enemy, he didn’t feel the need to fight.

“As I mentioned earlier, my name is Qi Jian! I’m a member of the Chivalrous Robbers! It is an honor to meet the person of distinction who resurrected God Red Phoenix!”

Qi Jian didn’t doubt Grid. He believed that Grid had resurrected the red phoenix. It was natural to believe this. The power of the white tiger that Grid showed a while ago was different from the breaths used by the yangbans. It was proof that Grid had been acknowledged by the white tiger.

Grid put away his sword, sat down and asked, “What is the Chivalrous Robbers?”

In fact, Grid was half excited. Qi Jian’s people were skilled enough to admire Braham. Grid wouldn’t have recognized the skills of Qi Jian’s group. He was just deeply grateful that the effect of Earth God had been triggered.

‘I really like the conditions.’

The prerequisite for activating Earth God was that he ‘touch the ground.’ There was a probability of the skill activating even if he was sitting or standing normally. He felt that the probability of activating it was much more frequent than Lightning God which had a probability of activating while flying. Of course, a big reason was the overlapping options of the shoulder guards and gaiters.

Qi Jian beckoned for the masked people to step back and explained, “The Chivalrous Robbers is a righteous group established by Hwang Gildong. The ultimate purpose is to take away the wealth of corrupt officials and giving it to benefit the people, while also punishing the yangbans who are misleading people with fake myths.”

“...I see.”

This was the answer that Grid had expected. Grid often heard the story of Hwang Gildong and realized that Hwang Gildong was based on Hong Gildong.

‘The person who gave the toothless tigers the dentures was also Hwang Gildong. I’m sure he is good.’

It was great news that Hwang Gildong was hostile to the yangbans. He would be a strong supporter.

“How are you fighting against the yangbans?”

Qi Jian’s group was clearly strong. In particular, the pale-faced scholar was close to a legend in strength so the overall level of the Chivalrous Robbers should be extremely high, according to Grid. Nevertheless, it was lacking. The yangbans were too strong. Hwang Gildong himself was a legend and even if his executives were quasi-legends, it was far from being able to confront the yangbans with force.

“We are informing people about the reality of the yangbans.”

‘Isn’t this smart?’

Hwang Gildong and the Chivalrous Robbers grasped the main point. They knew that the yangbans became stronger by becoming objects of faith and were working to suppress this.

‘Without their actions, Garam and the yangbans would’ve been much stronger.’

He might not have won the battle against the yangbans. Grid really liked the Chivalrous Robbers. It was their first time meeting each other but he felt a sense of comradeship.

“By the way, how did you notice that the myths of this land were fake?”

“It was thanks to Hwang Gildong.”

‘A legend or transcendent won’t easily fall for the gods’ deception.’

The daoist Sabaek also knew the myths of this land were fake and was preparing for a war with the Hwan Kingdom. The problem was that Sabaek’s methods were wrong. However, Grid believed that Hwang Gildong was different. Since Hwang Gildong was based on Hong Gildong, an existence of justice, Grid thought Hwang Gildong would be the same.

“Can I meet with Hwang Gildong?”

Just as Grid asked, the food came out. Fortunately, it wasn’t a cuckoo dish. It was a roast duck and vegetable dish and the taste was great. The crispy duck skin was topped with vegetables and sauce, making him eager to eat it. 

“We might serve Hwang Gildong but it is impossible to grasp his movements. Since he is someone who is hunted...”

“So how do you usually interact?”

“If Hwang Gildong gives us orders in a letter then we will act accordingly. All branches scattered throughout the continent operate the same way as us.”

“There is no way for you to get in touch with Hwang Gildong first?”


“I see...”

It seemed more cautious than necessary but it was natural. The enemies of the Chivalrous Robbers were so strong that they had to be secretive in order to not be discovered. Grid ate the meal with the Twelve Zodiacs and then got to the point.

“I want to know the exact whereabouts of the Black Tortoise Jewel.”

The location of the Black Tortoise Jewel was an open secret. It is known to the public that the Black Tortoise Jewel is being held in a place called Chaoxin Fortress. However, the reason why Grid came to Yeongzhou instead of Chaoxin was due to the advice of the Twelve Zodiacs.

‘Banguli told me that the location of Chaoxin Fortress is in the east.’

The black tortoise was the god of the north. It made sense that the Black Tortoise Jewel should be kept in the northernmost part of the Xing Kingdom. It was just like the Red Phoenix Bow was kept in Pangea, the southernmost part of the Cho Kingdom.

“I’ve heard that the Black Tortoise Jewel is being kept in one of three places: Boguan, Huawu, Chiaotzu. Which of the three is it?” 


Qi Jian cocked his head. He was a bit puzzled. On the other hand, the pale-faced scholar called ‘Huo Jing’ agreed.

“Person of distinction, you are different. Contrary to what is known to the world, the Black Tortoise Jewel at Chaoxin is a fake. It is clear that the real Black Tortoise Jewel is at one of the three places you mentioned.”

“So where is it?”

“I think it is highly likely to be Chiaotzu.”


“It is because the troops at Chiaotzu were strengthened right after the Cho Kingdom lost the Red Phoenix Bow.”


“The loss of the Red Phoenix Bow would’ve raised the alarm of the Hwan Kingdom. I think they would’ve ordered Xing and the other kingdoms to thoroughly tighten the security around the artifacts of the Four Gods.”

“At that time, only the troops at Chiaotzu were increased so there is a good chance Chiaotzu will contain the Black Tortoise Jewel.”

“Yes, it could be a feint but I don’t think so...”

Braham interrupted. “There is a good chance the Black Tortoise Jewel is at one of these three places if a yangban is staying there.”

Since the resurrection of the red phoenix, the wariness of the Hwan Kingdom would be much higher. It was more likely that the yangbans would be directly protecting the artifacts of the Four Gods. Huo Jin nodded at Braham’s reasoning. "I also have the same idea. I will send a letter to my colleagues in those three areas to investigate right away.”

“Thank you.”

It was a long conversation.

“By the way, why are you looking for the Black Tortoise Jewel?” Qi Jian suddenly raised his hand like he was a student and asked. 

Grid replied like it was obvious, “I have to take it away and resurrect the black tortoise.”


In the past, an unknown person—Blue Tiger—was able to seize the Red Phoenix because security was negligent. However, now the Hwan Kingdom was aware there was a force that revealed its teeth and even allowed the resurrection of the red phoenix.

Was it possible to steal the Black Tortoise Jewel that the yangbans were guarding?

Qi Jian questioned but at the same time, he was full of expectations. It seemed possible if it was the man in front of him.


“It is a bad time.”

“It could have an adverse effect on the National Competition.”

The S.A Group convened an emergency meeting. It was because they caught the fact that the ‘operator’ was trying to move. Codename S-001his name was Hanul and he was the highest-ranked NPC who could grant quests to multiple players. The biggest incident on the East Continent, the resurrection of the red phoenix, made him act again.

“Is the operator trying to get assistance?”

Chairman Lim Cheolho hurried into the meeting room and asked as he sat down. Hanul, who grew through the ‘level up cycle’ that the gods experienced every year, was currently looking down at the ground. He had a dissatisfied expression as he gazed at the red-colored southern sky.

“Yes, the balance set by Morpheus means the Five Seniors can’t move, so he is quickly attracting players.”

“This is bad... the timing of the red phoenix’s resurrection was too soon.”

This incident was surprising for Chairman Lim Cheolho, who valued Grid more than anyone else. He hadn’t expected Grid to resurrect the red phoenix so easily.

‘It is fun watching the unexpected but I can’t enjoy it this time.’

Hanul closed his eyes and was slowly waving his arms. He was like a conductor against a backdrop of grand music. At the same time...

[Call of the Heavens]

[★ Hidden Quest ★

A transcendental being needs your help.

Go to Chiaotzu in the Xing Kingdom. Those who are in danger of their treasure being stolen by an unknown evil are eager for your help.

Quest Clear Conditions: Arrive in Chiaotzu within a week.

Quest Clear Rewards:

1. Create a linked hidden quest. 

2. Gain two levels.

Quest Failure Penalty: None.]

The same quest window arrived in front of all players in the top 1,000 of the unified rankings. The reward was gaining two levels. It was an irresistible quest to the high rankers.

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