Chapter 1194 (Teaser)

The National Competition’s third day. 

The United States felt Lauel’s absence. In the Siege event, they were devastated by the strategies of the Chinese dragon, Hao. Disturbances, fireballs, ambushes, sudden raids, etc.—Hao’s operations worked together in an exquisite manner, pushing the United States to the defensive.


Kraugel, who had been isolated from the main force in the enemy camp and barely managed to return to base camp alone, stopped in place. Their castle where the star-spangled banner should be had turned into the enemy’s lair. The five-starred red flag flapped like it was laughing at Kraugel.

“Surviving that trap... I truly respect you.” Hao stood above the walls among the archers and advised Kraugel. “However, it’s already too late. Forget meaningless resistance and surrender obediently.”

There were only two people Hao acknowledged as being superior to him—Grid and Kraugel. In particular, he had long envied Kraugel and had been following Kraugel for many years. Of course, this didn’t mean he was a subordinate. Kraugel had no intention of creating a faction, nor did he think Hao was below himself. 

“Kraugel, make a decision.”

Once Kraugel refused to discard his sword, Hao once again advised him. All the Chinese players, including him, were...

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