Chapter 1192 (Teaser)

The Five Seniors gathered in one place.

Pungsa sat on the left while Usa and Unsa were on the right. Hanul’s absence was covered by his son, Sobyeol, who was also a member of the Five Seniors.

“The red phoenix has been resurrected... well, it can’t be helped. These things had already happened.” Sobyeol’s expression as he raised his chin was a bit sour. It differed from when he said it wasn’t a big deal after hearing the news of the resurrection of the old god, who was the real owner of the land.

Pungsa frowned. “The resurrection of the red phoenix has resulted in the loss of the south’s faith. The children will weaken after a long time of hard work building up their strength. How can you be so casual?”

“You mean the yangbans who died to humans despite building up the divinity of a god? Do you need to keep those useless beings in mind?”

“Sobyeol, be careful of your words. It isn’t right to slander the children Hanul made with a deep meaning.”

“How is it slander when I’m just telling the truth? Pungsa, look at things objectively. In the first place, they were incompetent and killed by humans. Thus, they couldn’t prevent the resurrection of the red phoenix. How can they be called yangbans?”

“Don’t forget that even Hanul and us have experienced...

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