Chapter 1191 (Teaser)

『 Let’s run through it again. 』

The second day of the 5th National Competition. A total of 129 participants took part in 13 events during the day. However, people only noticed four players. Yura, Jishuka, Chris, and Sword Saint Kraugel. Among them, Yura played a particularly powerful role.

『 Let’s look at the position of every player at this point. The Korean players were completely isolated. They fell for the Chinese players’ move and ushered in a situation of being besieged. 』

『 It is really true when looking back. The positioning of the Chinese players was perfect. Their approach couldn’t be known from the South Korean players’ point of view. 』

『 That’s right. The ambush of the Chinese players should’ve been a success. However, this was where the problem arose. 』

In the video that played, the Chinese players secretly approached the isolated Korean team. Their positioning was perfect and there seemed to be no chance. Then the sky turned black.

『 The moment the hell moon rose in the sky, Yura closed her eyes. She summoned a black hole in that state, aimed the sniper rifle’s muzzle and fired without hesitation. 』

The shot...

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