Chapter 1188 (Teaser)

There were various types of gaiters. There were simple ones that wrapped around the calves or ones that covered the pelvis, thigh, and calves. Naturally, the more each side was protected, the higher the defense but the lower the agility. They also required high strength and stamina to wear. If the material used was metal, not leather, the penalty was extreme enough that the wearer should be prepared to be slowed down at all times. 

This was because it wasn’t easy to bear the weight on the lower body. This was why most players, except for certain occupations, preferred wearing short gaiters. The Mass Produced Grid’s Gaiters distributed to the Overgeared Army were also short gaiters. Of course, this had nothing to do with Grid.

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang!

Greed was tempered on the anvil. He hammered at Greed mixed with the White Tiger’s Breath and made several hinges first. He intended to create multiple joint parts so that even if they were worn on his legs, they wouldn’t interfere with the movements. 

“This is ridiculous...” Blue Tiger marveled as she bit one of the black-gold metal pieces piled up beside Grid. “How can you easily work these metals?”

Aheung? How is this...”

A toothless tiger cocked his head like he couldn’t understand the Blue Tiger’s response and came forward fearlessly. He grabbed a metal and...

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