Chapter 1186 (Teaser)

“H-How are you...?”

Soft flesh and fluffy fur. Grid was in turmoil as he was held in the arms of a large hamster. The rat queen—the first time Grid saw her, she was wearing a crude crown, a ragged cloak, and had died. It was also by the hands of Grid. That person was now showing herself in front of him.

The rat queen released the flustered Grid and smiled. The face that used to be full of venom was now looking at Grid with a round, gentle gaze.

“I was resurrected due to the resurrection of the red phoenix. It is because there is a myth that the Twelve Zodiacs serve God Red Phoenix.”

Mythical beings couldn’t be killed in ordinary ways. Just like the hydra, they were immortal unless a unique attack strategy was discovered or the people’s belief in them was destroyed. Grid was reminded of this fact and felt a flash. Yet no matter how he looked, he didn’t see ‘him.’ Only ordinary (?) hamsters could be seen. 

Ah...” Grid was constantly searching everywhere only to make eye contact with the rat queen. Then he avoided her eyes.

The rat queen smiled bitterly. “My husband is in my heart.”


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