Chapter 1185 (Teaser)

The white skin and pure silver armor were the only pure white presence in hell. In the hall of malice and killing intent, only she was virtuous and just.

Tang tang! Tatatatang!

Demon Slayer Yura—she recreated this hateful hell as she fired a barrage that covered the sky. It was the birth of a cage that locked onto all players involved in target processing.


The event ended in just 23 seconds. Viewers replayed the event repeatedly from various angles and belatedly exclaimed. The entire world was thrilled. The legendary greatness that Grid showed as soon as he participated in the National Competition... Yura only proved it properly after several years. It was the fruit of her long efforts.


The cameras focused on Yura, who was breathing hard with her heart pounding. She remembered all the trials and anguish she had faced from the time she met Great Demon Amoract up to now.

Zibal’s hands were shaking as he stepped off Raiders. “You have been suffering for a while now... Congratulations.”

He was congratulating her but the tone and words were more like comfort. Why? Yura was feeling doubt when she suddenly realized that tears were flowing down her cheeks.


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