Chapter 1184 (Teaser)

[You have suffered catastrophic damage!]

[The body that has become a living dead has been severely damaged.]

[The blood of the victims trapped in your body is flowing backward, causing your body to collapse.]

There were three penalties that a player who changed race to an undead type would experience—their agility was significantly reduced, some skills were sealed, and the effects of recovery magic were reversed. However, the black horse jiangshi didn’t have the reduced agility and skills sealing penalties.

This was why the combat power of the black horse jiangshi was overwhelming. The flying horse jiangshi were regarded as legends but the black horse jiangshi was actually the strongest. However, it wasn’t universal. The black horse jiangshi had frightening side effects.

“Uh... Uwaaaaack!” 

The cost of death was huge. This was because he lost a considerable amount of the blood of 300 people he was injected with during the 33 day ceremony. The amount of experience lost when a black horse jiangshi died was nearly double that of a typical player and it took as long as two days to revive. It was rare for him to die but this time, he met a bad opponent.

“Grid! Gridddd!” Veradin roared. He gave up his human dignity in the spirit of revenge on...

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