Chapter 1183 (Teaser)

All players in Satisfy had something in common—healthy teeth. Chairman Lim Cheolho’s consideration sparked the desire of all players to enjoy the fully implemented taste system. However, in front of the Red Phoenix's Breath, it was useless.

Ah, ahhhh.

Grid bit on the Red Phoenix's Breath and felt a pain that was like all his teeth breaking. He grabbed his cheeks as he tried to hold back tears.

‘Damn, how the hell can I eat this?’

The reason why only Grid could smelt the Red Phoenix's Breath was due to how hard it was. Apart from Grid, the blacksmiths couldn’t smelt the Red Phoenix's Breath even when hammering them in a fire made from the white phosphorus wood—at least at the present time. Chewing on such a hard Red Phoenix's Breath? It was impossible even if he wore dentures made of steel. 

‘Only a snap will be heard.’

It was like the snap of the elderly...

Grid recalled the unthinking behavior of today’s generation and clicked his tongue. Then he seriously thought about it again. ‘How about carving it into small pieces and swallowing it down like a pill? No, I can’t do that.’

Carving meant shattering. It was distinctively different from smelting. The shattered material would become invalid and turn into a useless stone. Then what...

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