Chapter 1181 (Teaser)

“A god.”

Existences derived from the aspirations of human beings. Harang defined the man with black hair and shook her head. She saw a certain meaning in the man’s expressions, gestures, and even gait. It was a sword dance.

‘Performing a ritual in the middle of the battlefield?’

Why? What was this ritual for? Harang was engulfed when she suddenly noticed something. Contempt was in the eyes of the man looking at her. It was to deny the yangbans.

‘...The ritual of a god killer!’

The space was dominated. All the energy of nature was controlled by the man’s ritual and expressed its displeasure toward Harang. It roared as if threatening her to disappear.

Ahh, I see.’

Harang had a crisis in front of her and realized...

Pagma, the brother who used sophistry to deny Hanul’s words. Harang knew why Hanul didn’t punish Pagma and who was behind it. 

‘Chiyou, you’ve been supporting Pagma.’ 

Did Chiyou glimpse hope from Pagma? The hope that Pagma could kill him.

Dozens of waves of sword energy poured toward Harang. The ferocity of the sword energy, which had enough momentum to eat even the gods, was amazing. It created the illusion that dozens of dragons were flying. It was a level that would make Harang...

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