Chapter 1180 (Teaser)

[A target can’t be specified. The skill isn’t triggered.]

[A target can’t be specified. The skill isn’t triggered.]

“Hey, hey, hey! Is this right? Are you okay?”

“Shut your mouth and focus!”


[You have suffered 23,900 damage.]

[You have recovered 11,450 health thanks to Guardian Knight’s Nature!]

[The aura of the black tortoise is corroding your armor.]

[The durability of the Felisman’s Wisdom Armor has decreased by 219.]

The advantages of targeting skills was the excellent hit rate. Compared to non-targeting skills of the same level, there was a disadvantage of being less powerful or having a longer cooldown time but it ensured stable damage dealing. Non-targeting skills were a disadvantage from the perspective where a skill was wasted if they missed or they had to act to defend, evade, or counterattack.

Yes, the best way to induce a war of attrition was to use targeting skills. One of the absolute reasons why it was detrimental being alone in a one versus many battle was due to the number of targeting skills coming from the numerous opponents. It was possible...

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