Chapter 1180

[A target can’t be specified. The skill isn’t triggered.]

[A target can’t be specified. The skill isn’t triggered.]

“Hey, hey, hey! Is this right? Are you okay?”

“Shut your mouth and focus!”


[You have suffered 23,900 damage.]

[You have recovered 11,450 health thanks to Guardian Knight’s Nature!]

[The aura of the black tortoise is corroding your armor.]

[The durability of the Felisman’s Wisdom Armor has decreased by 219.]

The advantages of targeting skills was the excellent hit rate. Compared to non-targeting skills of the same level, there was a disadvantage of being less powerful or having a longer cooldown time but it ensured stable damage dealing. Non-targeting skills were a disadvantage from the perspective where a skill was wasted if they missed or they had to act to defend, evade, or counterattack.

Yes, the best way to induce a war of attrition was to use targeting skills. One of the absolute reasons why it was detrimental being alone in a one versus many battle was due to the number of targeting skills coming from the numerous opponents. It was possible to kill the lone side depending on the reserve of targeting skills, even though the specifications of the majority side might be more disadvantageous. Although there were exceptions such as Grid, who made them ‘stuck if he attacks’...

[A target can’t be specified. The skill isn’t triggered.]

Here, another exception appeared. The yangban Harang—since encountering the Red Phoenix’s Blessing in Jishuka’s Red Phoenix Bow, she started to overuse Shunpo to thoroughly neutralize all the targeting skills of the meritorious retainers. The process of triggering a targeting skill was simple—put the target within the range required by the skill, target the opponent, and activate the skill. After that, perform the required action of the skill and hit the target. Then let’s think about it in reverse...


It was impossible to trigger the skill if the opponent couldn’t be targeted. This was the case now. Harang moved between the meritorious retainers using Shunpo and became an ‘unhittable’ target beyond someone with a high evasion. Of course, this was only a story when using targeting skills.


Vantner struck the wall after failing to launch the skill Shield Smash, which would’ve caused the target to become stiff for 0.5 seconds and slow for 1 second. Harang was using this gap to restore her breathing only to hurriedly cross her arms. Steel wristlets collided with a greatsword. The weight of the 1,000 ton greatsword was so great that it blew Harang’s body away hundreds of meters.

“Stay focused.” Chris, the strongest greatsword user in Satisfy—he reached out to Vantner who was coughing up blood.

Harang, who had flown into the distance, reappeared and kicked him. As her toes neared Chris’ temple, the wind pressure swept through Chris’ hair. An explosion occurred. It was a real explosion, not a metaphor, but Chris’ head didn’t explode. The arrow that Jishuka fired in advance hit Harang’s side and caused an explosion.

Hah... It’s absurd.” She flew away due to the arrow just before Chris was hit by the kick. She was slowly feeling the limits of her patience when a red devil fell behind her. It was Regas, shrouded in the light of the Asura. Most players leveled up by constantly hunting monsters weaker than themselves. It was necessary to hunt more monsters that gave the right experience value, making them level up faster.

Meanwhile, Regas’ growth methods were very special. He had always enjoyed great challenges since Satisfy opened and never caught a monster with a lower level than himself. He always fought opponents who were much stronger than himself, losing, losing, and losing. Once he finally knocked them down, he made a rapid development. Perhaps Regas was the only person more familiar than Grid when it came to fighting people stronger than himself.

Kuk?” Trying close combat with this weak human flesh? Harang’s face was stiff as she tried to dodge and counter Regas’ strikes. However, her slender shoulders were exquisitely caught between Regas’ hard thighs.

Haap!” It was a skill he had trained in to beat opponents stronger than him. Regas moved his back and twisted Harang’s shoulder in a bizarre direction. Then Pon’s red spear flew like light and pierced Harang’s chest.


Stagger. The body of the person who was going to be a god was about to fall. Fire Dragon Trauka’s curse imbued in Pon’s spear was something that couldn’t be endured by a half-god, who wasn’t even a god.

Cough, cough!” Pon, who bled more from the recoil than the collapsed Harang, finally collapsed under the pain.

“This idiot!” Vantner hurriedly flung himself forward and reflexively raised his shield, which encountered Harang’s knee. She had risen after falling and tried to blow Pon’s head away.

“Let’s die together.”

It happened the moment that Harang’s knee passed through Vantner’s shield with huge strength and fell in the direction of Vantner and Pon’s heads. A sharp thorn rose from the pool of Pon’s blood and stabbed Harang’s knee.


The surprised Harang stepped back and was seized with a creepy feeling. She realized that the blood flowing from her chest, which had been pierced with a spear a little while ago, was wriggling like a living worm. It was a late awareness.


Harang’s wriggling blood turned into a blade, cutting from Harang’s chest to her abdomen. She was attacked by her own blood? The out of the ordinary phenomenon strained Harang. She could no longer use Shunpo excessively. She was worried that the moment she used Shunpo, the aftereffect would cause the previous wounds to reopen and the blood from the wounds would attack her again. She couldn’t help resenting the red phoenix’s curse that took away her recovery.

‘The red phoenix... I will definitely seal you today.’

It would be a deeper abyss than before so that the red phoenix could never open its eyes again. Harang decided and glanced at the faces of the humans surrounding her. It was to find out the identity of the shaman who dealt with blood. Then she surprisingly determined the identity of the shaman.


Blood control—it was the Blood Warrior’s ultimate technique that controlled the target’s blood or converted it into a weapon. If the target’s level was lower than the user’s level, it was a fraudulent skill with a 100% success rate and stability. However, the story was different in the opposite case. Not only did the success rate drop significantly, there were great side effects even if it succeeded.

Just like right now. In exchange for controlling the blood of Harang who had a much higher level than him, Katz started bleeding and faced the limit of his mental strength. Harang sensed that he was the blood shaman and didn’t miss this opportunity. She used Shunpo and reached Katz’ side.

“Where are you going?” Jishuka and Chris predicted her behavior and attacked her to try and protect Katz. However, Harang had the Blue Dragon's Breath. She accelerated and dodged Jishuka and Chris’ linked attacks. She fully appeared behind Katz and her sword descended.

Nevertheless, her sword didn’t cut Katz’ back. It was a speed she never experienced before. Faker emerged from Katz’ shadow and his daggers moved in a flash. The astonished Harang couldn’t help panicking. She gave up attacking and focused on defense. Even so, Harang’s clothes were cut open. The Master of Swiftness gained Lantier’s skills and Faker’s speed had grown enough to threaten the person using the Blue Dragon's Breath.

‘These people...?’

Why were they so strong? They were talented people that it wouldn’t be strange if they rose up. All this talent followed a single man. It was likely to grow into a force that even the Hwan Kingdom couldn’t ignore.

“Gru, Naeun, you have to kill him.’

Harang glanced inside the palace where the black-haired man had started to suffer from the cooperation between Gru and Naeun. Then she moved as far away as possible from Faker. Then just like always, she acted to interrupt Euphemina’s magic casting. Unlike her peers, Euphemina failed to play an active role and her cheeks bulged. “Hey, you! Why do you keep trying to suppress me? Why did you attack me from beginning to end?”

“Your magic looks dangerous,” Harang gave a blunt answer to Euphemina who couldn’t do anything.

Ah... Hehe.”


Euphemina couldn’t help giggling.

Vantner shook his head and helped support Katz while Faker permeated back into the shadow. Pon, Regas, and Chris were on alert as they prepared to move to assist their colleagues at any time. It was a rather troublesome position for Harang. It was a formation that neutralized the strength of Shunpo.

‘It is tricky because they are good at predicting my path.’ Harang coldly analyzed the situation. ‘It is true that I’m far superior in every respect but there is a big gap in experience.’

Harang’s practical experience was practically nonexistent. She had few quarrels because no one dared to attack her. Her personality was different from Garam and she didn’t start any conflicts, so she never made any enemies. The only combat she experienced was Chiyou’s seven trials.

‘Experience... it is experience.’

Harang suddenly burst out laughing. A god was an almighty being. It was ridiculous to know that her lack of experience was grabbing her ankle and that she was losing to humans.

‘No.’ Harang shook her head. She just sensed that Gru had died and was convinced. ‘We can’t be gods.’

It was a fact she had started to feel some time ago. She thought that the structure of the yangbans, who despised humans while seeking faith from humans, was fundamentally wrong. The reason she didn’t dare to raise any questions was because she was afraid of Hanul. All of them were designed to act like this according to Hanul’s meaning.

‘...You have a deep will but I think you’ll pay the price for not believing in us or being vigilant.’

Harang had this idea as the sky was divided into two. One side was glowing with the flames of the red phoenix while the other side was covered with the darkness of hell. Neither side welcomed the yangbans.

‘There is no need for you.’

This was the yangbans. Harang was thinking this when a wounded person fell at her feet. “H-Harang... S-Save me...”

Haha...” A person who wanted to become a god was begging for his life in front of insignificant humans? It was a really fleeting existence. Harang once again laughed and shifted her gaze. She saw a man who carried true faith. He was much more deeply wounded than Harang yet there were no signs of anxiety or fear. He clearly knew who he was and what future he was going to create.

“A god.” Harang defined Grid.

“Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.” Grid didn’t deny it. His new god killer dominated the space and destroyed Harang.

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