Chapter 1176 (Teaser)

Among the single sword dances, Transcend required a very wide range of actions. Momentum and dignified behavior was required in order to depict a transcendent being, but this was hard to express while widening his strides. In addition, it needed to be accompanied by exaggerated gestures.

This was why Grid didn’t favor Transcended Link Kill Pinnacle. If it was Linked Kill Pinnacle, the sword dance was convenient to use because the sword dance naturally linked the stabs and slashes of Link and Kill. However, Transcended Link Kill was designed to maximize the power of Transcend and it was accompanied by an inevitable delay. The more pressing the battle, the more difficult it was to find the timing of use. However, the story was different if he borrowed the power of Divinity.

“Transcended Link Kill Pinnacle!”

The four fused sword dances unfolded sequentially without any delay. Their power threatened Garam, who had already activated the power of the red phoenix and was pushing his resilience to the limit.

“You...! C...

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