Chapter 1174 (Teaser)

“The opponent is a hydra! A hydra!”

The hydra wasn’t just a monster, it was believed to be created by Evil God Yatan and had a level of regeneration that made it impossible to kill and poison that even a god feared. There were all types of legends and myths about it and it was beyond transcendent.

“Will you fight against a monster that has become a mythical being through the accumulation of lore? You...! You!! Stop it and go back now!”

The hydra’s venom deals death to mortals but it brings eternal suffering to immortals. A long-forgotten god was poisoned by the hydra and it was so painful that he begged for death. He barely managed to die after thousands of years of hard work to be forgotten by humanity.

This was why Goldhit was having seizures. The hydra was even more sinister for immortals.

Braham whispered, “Do you know why the hydra doesn’t die?”


“It was because it hasn’t met me.”


Did he think he could get rid of a mythical being? It was an absurd delusion. Goldhit was looking at Braham with disbelief when she became shocked. A whirlwind of magic was rising around Braham. All the mana in here that had accumulated for eternity was responding to Braham’s Mana Drain.

"The only ones who can blow up all nine heads at the same time are me and Madra.”

He didn’t like it but Braham had to admit it—it was a fact that he had a high probability of losing if he confronted...

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