Chapter 1172 (Teaser)

“This is the key to resurrecting a real god...”

The breath of the red phoenix adorned the center of the treasure house. The Cho king faced the mysterious bead with a spark that never goes out and looked sad.

“The breath of the sacred creatures has been known to be a blessing bestowed upon those who ascend to become a daoist immortal. However, reality is different.”

The king had met one daoist Immortal. At that time, he was confrontational and didn’t want to bend over to the yangbans, but he seemed unable to resist the will of the Five Seniors. This meant the daoist immortals were also likely to be subordinates of the Five Seniors. It was unlikely that the breaths of the sacred creatures would be a blessing bestowed upon them.

“This breath is the same as the three breaths we kept in Pangea but it is different.”

“It is the same but different?”

“The breaths kept in Pangea were given by the yangbans under the name of ‘managing the Red Phoenix Bow.’ This breath is a unique national treasure that has existed since the days of King Geonguk in the past. It has a deep meaning.”

“The days of King Geonguk?”

“It was such a long time ago that even the Red Phoenix Bow didn’t exist yet.”

“It must’ve...

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