Chapter 1170 (Teaser)

“This microorganism...! You are inferior to beasts!”

Garam’s original plan was simple—he was going to tear Grid apart, kill him, and then go to the Cho Kingdom for retribution. Nobuldam tried to protect Grid. As the king’s servant, the Cho king should naturally be held responsible. Yet things had become twisted. He couldn’t see other people in this state.


“G-Garam?” A path lined with white phosphorus trees that bloomed once in a thousand years—a man and woman enjoying a walk near the entrance of the Hwan Kingdom were shocked to find the approaching Garam. Garam’s appearance was different than usual. His long hair, which was usually twisted up with a hairpin or combed beautifully, was scattered in a mess. The dopo that should be clean without a crease was crushed, torn, and stained with blood. The most surprising thing was that it was Garam’s own blood soaking his dopo. His ear was cut off.

What was this? What type of disaster had occurred to injure the body of a god?

“What happened?”

“Let's start with treatment!”

The man and woman rushed to Garam’s side and made a fuss. They were also yangbans of the Hwan Kingdom. They were genuinely concerned about their brother Garam, who was born and raised by the same parents. However,...

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