Chapter 117 (Teaser)

Chapter 117

This was the best development for Grid.

‘Isn’t this the best financial backer!’

He would become the husband of a lady, which meant he could abuse his authority and intercept some taxes. Winston had grown to be one of the cities representing the Eternal Kingdom. The taxes collected here were enormous. He would be rich if he could obtain even a portion of it. In addition, Irene was the successor of a prestigious noble family. If he married her, he could become a high-ranking noble, not just rich.

'I can simultaneously get riches and power. More than anything else...’

Irene was pretty. She had shiny silver hair. She had big eyes that were slightly curved. Her mouth was always smiling and she had a small nose. Grid got a really gentle impression from her. She was famous for her excellent character and was the best female, except that her breasts were average in size.

Grid had no reason to refuse. But there was still something he had to consider.

"Just now, didn’t My Lord consider me as a fraud? Now you are suddenly telling me to take your daughter as my bride... Are you serious?”

Earl Steim explained to Grid who was watching suspiciously.

“There is only one person in history who is the best blacksmith and strongest swordsman. He was Pagma.”


"The sword dance you used is very similar to Pagma's Sword Dance described in the legends. No, you aren’t a con artist. You are certainly Pagma's Successor.”

"It’s enough that I am Pagma's Successor?”

"That's right! It is enough! Rather, it’s the main reason!”

Grid moved his gaze and looked at Irene’s reaction. Her face was flushed but the smile indicated that she was feeling positive towards this.


Grid’s mouth wa...

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