Chapter 1169 (Teaser)

[The Red Phoenix's Breath has been strengthened!]

The smelting difficulty was proportional to the rating of the material. Grid spent a considerable amount of time and stamina every time he strengthened the sacred creature’s breath. However, it was different this time. Thanks to the sparks of willpower effect from Duke of Fire, Grid’s fatigue was greatly reduced compared to before. At least, it should’ve been so...


Grid’s face was dark as he looked at the Strengthened Red Phoenix's Breath. His current fatigue was higher than ever. It was due to the feeling of conflict sparked by the severe warning that struck at his sense of reason when he regained his composure once he got the result he desired.

‘This is a really crazy gamble.’

The breath of a sacred creature was an ingredient for a myth rated item. Discussing the value of this material itself was disrespectful. Was it right to throw it away on a gamble? He was afraid of the sense of loss he would feel if this failed.

‘...It is nonsense to worry about this now.’

He decided to give it a try. Why was he wasting time worrying about this again? Grid knew it was just a waste of time. Once the conflict ended, he gave the Strengthened Red Phoenix's Breath to the Red Phoenix Bow where the Spirit of a Sacred Creature Resides.

To be honest, his heart was...

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