Chapter 1167 (Teaser)

[He saw an unchanging faith in the face of the coming disaster.]

The most famous protagonist of the world messages was Kraugel. He had maintained his position of supreme one for three years after Satisfy opened. He was the first pioneer to explore many hidden fields and he uncovered the concept of hidden quests. He had made many achievements ahead of others and created the formula of ‘unknown person = Kraugel.’

Now Grid was catching up with Kraugel’s record. Grid’s record was astonishing considering that most of Kraugel’s achievements were in the early days when many things weren’t unveiled. Unlike the early days, it was now much more difficult to monopolize the world messages alone.

Of course, no one disparaged Kraugel’s accomplishments. Many of Kraugel’s accomplishments seemed easy to get now but at that time, Kraugel was the only one who managed it among two billion people. In people’s eyes, both Kraugel and Grid looked great.

“This time, Grid’s epic is about religion.”

“I heard the Dominion Church is a mess. Is he involved in this?”

“Perhaps he wiped out the Yatan Church.”

“I hope so. These days, the Yatan Church members are acting so wildly that I can’t hunt properly.”

Grid’s fourth epic made the world buzz. Thousands of people were speculating on...

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