Chapter 1164 (Teaser)

-It is Damian.

-Right. It is Damian.


[Pope Damian declared that he won’t participate in the National Competition]

The media around the world were buzzing with the news but the people’s reaction was calm. They had already foreseen the identity of the demon king this year. Damian’s declaration that he wouldn’t attend the National Competition was simply admitting that he was the demon king.

-Ah. ㅋㅋ Who would be deceived? If it was me, I would just stay silent or be honest. ㅋㅋ

-He is a Grid fan so he is going to follow Grid. ㅋㅋ

-Damian is honestly cute.

There was no reason for Damian to refuse to participate in the National Competition. In the world that was divided into the heavenly system and earth system, apart from Grid and Kraugel, Damian was a top predator belonging to the heavenly system. This year’s National Competition without Grid was a great opportunity for him to play at his best.

In the first place, the Demon King’s Subjugation was specialized for Damian. Damian had a variety of buff skills and percentage heals. He was more likely to become an immortal demon king if he gained the health boost.

-Besides, Damian has many talented people.

Rebecca’s Daughters—Damian’s three strongest NPCs were equivalent to Grid’s knights, and the senior Vatican members had healing abilities beyond Damian and were...

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