Chapter 1163 (Teaser)

His wounds hurt and the sky was high above him. It was only after Hangyeol fell in a ragged state that he became aware of a fact he had taken for granted. Even so, he didn’t want to admit it. It was because he was a god.

“...This is a foreign realm.”

The Red Phoenix's Breath was constantly emitting flames. The red phoenix was a god who governed over fire and life. The flames of life restored the seven fatal wounds engraved on Hangyeol’s body. Hangyeol’s body disappeared with a roar. The blue dragon was a god who governed over wind and lightning. Hangyeol was surrounded by lightning and gusts of winds and eliminated the notion of space.

“I won’t be beaten by a human like you!!”

Hangyeol’s sword shrieked as it emitted thick smoke. The power of the black tortoise, who governed water and death, revealed itself. Hangyeol, who hadn’t built up faith, was unable to completely control the violent power of the black tortoise. However, at this moment, he transcended his boundaries. He was trying to break the barrier with his willpower for the first time since he was born and he waited for the black tortoise to surrender.

Hangyeol had a gut feeling. The human in front of him was a trial that the gods had given to him. He would overcome this trial and face a turning point. 

The soft sword that soared behind Grid’s back moved like a rope and...

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