Chapter 1160 (Teaser)

At close range, the physique of Blue Tiger was much bigger than the toothless tiger. Grid, who was 183 centimeters tall, had to tilt his head back completely to get a glimpse of the ‘ruler’ character on Blue Tiger’s forehead. Nevertheless, Grid wasn’t overwhelmed by Blue Tiger and was fascinated.

Blue Tiger was beautiful. The blue fur that shone with a white light seemed to make the jewels embedded in Grid’s crown seem frivolous. The iconic black tiger stripes, which gave off a complex sense of aesthetics that couldn’t be reproduced with Grid’s hand technique, blended with the blue fur.


Blue Tiger suddenly arrived in front of Grid and stretched out her arms. All the twitching majestic muscles and the blue fur was menacing. However, Grid didn’t swing his sword. The blue petals of sword energy fluttering with the falling leaves lost their purpose and dispersed.

Against the beautiful backdrop, Grid stared into Blue Tiger’s eyes. They were familiar eyes. Khan had always greeted him with such eyes when he reunited with Khan after a few months. There was longing and joy in Blue Tiger’s eyes, who had watched the mountain and rivers change dozens, hundreds, of times.

“Pagma!” The distance narrowed as Blue Tiger jumped and hugged Grid. Grid almost collapsed from the weight of Blue Tiger but he used all his strength to keep standing. He waited until the...

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