Chapter 1159 (Teaser)

‘The God Hands are the best.’

Grid had felt a bit at a loss when he broke through the lazy cow community and entered the jungle. The jungle had been untouched by humans for a long time and was a mess. It was hard to see in the darkness. The bushes poked at his eyes and skin while poisonous insects entered his ears and mouth. There was the unpleasant moisture, scorching heat, swamp areas hidden by vines, etc. The difficulty of moving through the jungle itself was quite high. The difficulty level was comparable to an instance dungeon.

However, Grid had the God Hands. The power of the God Hands, each one holding a sword, was incomparable to the weed killers of the army. They cut the bushes much faster and move actively, providing Grid with visibility and a safe path.

“It’s cool.”

He just had to walk along the opened road so it was fun. For the current Grid, even the hot wind felt like a fresh spring breeze.

‘It would be nice to make the God Hands in reality.’ Grid thought this as he walked slowly.

He was checking the loot he obtained from the black cow.

[Foolish Gambler’s Die]

[Rating: Unique

Durability: 5/5

* The durability is reduced by one with every use.

* Can’t be repaired.

A die obtained from the black cow. You can roll the desired number.


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