Chapter 1158 (Teaser)

“It is too bad. It’s really disappointing.”

The Koreans watching the videos of the war between the Overgeared Kingdom and Gauss Kingdom were sighing. The bigger Grid became, the more people expressed their regret. Their age group was also significantly higher. They were in the mid-50s to early 70s. This was the generation that witnessed and experienced the days when South Korea reigned as the pinnacle of e-sports.

“A gamer’s best days are short...”

There was a time when South Korea won games whenever a competition was held. The time when they were disgraced and condemned for being the runner-up at competitions did exist. However, this golden age was short. The e-sports myth of South Korea ended in 15 years after succumbing to the power of capital of the United States, Europe, and China.

As talented people born and raised in South Korea started pouring their passions and talents in overseas league matches, the level of overseas games quickly overtook South Korea. By the time Satisfy was released years later, South Korea had already fallen into a position where it was considered a ‘country weak in gaming.’

Then five years ago, a comet called Grid appeared. Grid brought up memories for those in their 50s, 60s, and 70s who had to gradually move away from games to become someone’s parents....

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