Chapter 1157 (Teaser)

‘Isn’t it a bit unclear?’

Grid smashed the jiangshi’s head and looked at the blood-soaked golden hammer. The Blacksmith Hammer to Go Against the Gods—it was a production item made when competing against Hexetia. The performance was so excellent so the last of the pavranium was left behind in it instead of being used as a material for Greed. The performance was naturally referring to the performance associated with producing items.

The Blacksmith Hammer to Go Against the Gods wasn’t a combat weapon so he was vulnerable. The physical damage was only 870. It had a better attack power than an epic rated weapon but that was it. There was no separate option for enhancing combat power, except for the blessing of the four gods.

It also wasn’t a sword so the passive effect of Grid’s Sword Dance wasn’t applied to it. Nevertheless...

The jiangshi fell too easily. Grid was just too strong. Grid’s superior stats, various titles, the Weapon Mastery skill that increased the damage of all types of weapons, and being level 405, allowed Grid to easily destroy the steel jiangshi with the hammer. It wasn’t inconspicuous. In other words, Grid was breaking the basic...

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