Chapter 1156 (Teaser)

The first battle of the war ended with the victory of the Overgeared Kingdom. The Gauss Kingdom’s army was devastated by Grid and couldn’t afford to stop the advances of the Overgeared army and the orcs. The defeat of the Gauss Kingdom was inevitable from the time when the vampire army turned out to be Grid’s people.


The cheers of the 600,000 allied troops filled the night sky. The dust storm caused by the war were raised by the roars and the stars were revealed. The brilliant starlight represented the hearts of the allied army.

“We won! We won!!”

“God Grid! I love you!”

The orc players were excited. Death lurked in a war. 

A bloody fight in an unfamiliar desert. They expected it to be difficult in many ways but they won thanks to Grid. It was also a victory without any damage. It was enough to wash away the unpleasant feeling of fighting for Grid. However, they were concerned about the accusations that would be made by the people.


The cheering orcs closed their mouths at the same time. They couldn’t rejoice and their faces darkened. It was at this moment.

“Do you see it? The first engagement is over! The result is a great victory for the Overgeared allies! The Gauss army, who gathered in Reidan desert, were destroyed without a trace while the Overgeared allies suffered little casualties!”

“The military power of the Overgeared Kingdom allied with the orcs is reminiscent of the...

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