Chapter 1155 (Teaser)


The Overgeared Guild members, the orcs, the onlookers, the reporters, and the knights—including Piaro—were all lost. After making a short speech, Grid flew through the desert alone...?

‘T-This absurd person!’

‘Why are you leaving 600,000 troops to rush into the enemy camp alone?’

The orc players were baffled by Grid’s actions.

“E-Everyone! Chase His Majes—!” Piaro tried to give an order but closed his mouth.

It was because Braham appeared suddenly and raised an index finger to his lips. “You don’t understand a legend.”

From Braham’s perspective, Piaro was nothing more than a child—a child who had been a legend for less than 10 years. Apart from their birth narratives, the legends of the current era had few stories to be handed down to future generations. However, Grid was different.

“A legend isn’t just a title that means a strong person.”

Chaos broke out in the surroundings as Grid, who was gradually moving away while making the sandstorm dragon, suddenly disappeared from view. The viewers could see Grid’s location through the camera, but the people at the scene missed Grid suddenly crossing the horizon in an instant.

Braham, whose eyes were enhanced with magic, couldn’t handle the storm caused by Shunpo. He checked the skin mask Grid gave him and clicked his tongue. “A story passed through word of mouth that is never destroyed. Those who are called legends of this world are trying to write an immortal message.”

A story that wouldn’t be forgotten after hundreds of years? It couldn’t be ordinary. A story based on common sense couldn’t be imprinted strongly.

“A legend is someone who ‘goes beyond strength’ and shows ‘something that can’t happen’ or ‘something that shouldn’t happen.’”

A long time ago, Braham had told Grid that the...

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