Chapter 1154 (Teaser)

“It is over 500,000.”

King Nemesis was sitting by the windowsill. The weather was good. The sunshine was warm, and the wind was refreshing. Reidan’s desert was hot, but the trees that had been planted in the garden had fruit.

“As expected, the orcs have a high participation rate in the war.”

The Gauss Kingdom had maintained its history and traditions even on the border of the empire. Their long history proved they weren’t a kingdom to be bullied. 

At the heart of the kingdom, there was a competent royal family. King Nemesis was bright and had sensed a change from the moment the new empress started the reforms. He had foreseen and prepared for the Overgeared Kingdom’s conquest war. Once he heard that the orc lord had pledged allegiance to the Overgeared King, he already started preparing for the invasion of the orc army. This meant they had enough time to prepare for it.

“It will be very close.”

King Nemesis waved his hand, causing a small shockwave that hit the branches of a cherry tree. He hurriedly caught the fallen cherries, roughly wiping them with his sleeve and then putting them in his mouth.


The taste and aroma of the cherries spread through his mouth, leaving a lingering aftertaste.

‘Could the Gauss Kingdom also leave a lingering impression on someone?’ King Nemesis had this thought as he spoke to the prime minister standing beside him, “They’re sweet, fresh, and delicious. The people will like them.”


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