Chapter 1153 (Teaser)

The Twilight Kingdom was established after Orc Lord Teruchan conquered the Violet Kingdom.

Grruk. Suwek!

Suwek suwek! Suwek~

The royal palace of the king was filled with magic power. Dozens of orc shamans recited different chants, and the swirling magic power merged into one, drawing a figure that symbolized the law.


The gazes of the shamans gathered in one place. Teruchan approached the altar and shouted loudly, “My king! Guruk! He commanded me! Gruruk!

The cry of the orc lord was the law of the orcs. Teruchan’s voice emerged as notification windows in front of orc players active all over the continent.

[A race quest has been created by Orc Lord Teruchan.]

“Twilight Orcs! Proud! Guruk! Warriors! Go to Reidan! Guruk! Gather! We! Kurruk! Accept the king’s command! Guruk! Gauss Kingdom! Invade!!”


What? Why did they have to do this?

‘Is Grid our king?’

Someone had an expression of chewing shit.

Ha... It’s finally coming.”

Those who foresaw today’s situation from the time Teruchan vowed to serve Grid were depressed. Then the quest information appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

[Gauss Kingdom Invasion]

[★ Race Quest ★

The king of the Twilight Kingdom, the great warrior, Orc Lord Teruchan has declared that he will punish the Gauss Kingdom according to the will of Overgeared King...

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