Chapter 1152 (Teaser)

[Chewing gently, one can tell the meat and savory fat has been aged exquisitely. The sweet and salty seasoning blends with the subtle taste of the meat, so one won’t get tired of eating it. The nutty flavour lingering in the mouth adds interest.]

This was from the Michelin Guide.

The 60-year-old dish called ‘Blue Ceramic Tile Seasoned Pork Ribs [1]’ had long been praised by gourmets. Even before it received three stars in the Michelin Guide, it was considered as a must-visit place for overseas political figures visiting South Korea. 


Kim Wuseok was over 70 years old this year, and he was a living historian of the Blue Ceramic Tile Seasoned Pork Ribs. During the time when the Blue Ceramic Tile Seasoned Pork Ribs was still small and unknown, Kim Wuseok worked as a chef and developed the ribs’ secret seasoning with his former president. He also found the ideal conditions for cooking meat and made a great contribution to the development of the seasoned ribs.

Then once the former president passed away and his son became the new president, Kim Wuseok was reduced to being a cloth bag. It was because the new president was uncomfortable with Kim Wuseok in many ways and planned to kick him out.

Originally, the secret seasoning recipe and aging conditions should...

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