Chapter 1149 (Teaser)

“My goal for this year’s National Competition? It is to naturally win three gold medals. Huh? Haha, no. I’m still not good enough to challenge Grid. I’ll have to try an event that Grid isn’t participating in.

“My ultimate goal is to break Grid and become the new supreme one. However, the hurdle is too high this year. Maybe I’ll be able to challenge Grid next year or the year after.”

The interview contained familiar faces who had participated in the National Competition. Since public opinion around the world was conscious of Grid, the participants were also forced to mention Grid. Moreover, the more experienced the player, the more likely they were to say ‘not yet’ and that they were aiming for Grid as a goal. It wasn’t humility but an attitude close to conviction.

On the other hand, the new participants were full of ambition. Most of them were young players who had just become high rankers.

“The era of Kraugel, who was hailed the sky above the sky, ended in three years. This is the third year since Grid has become the supreme one. Just as Grid ended Kraugel’s era, this year I will end Grid’s era.”

“I started playing Satisfy because I admire Grid. It has only been three years since I started playing Satisfy, but I’m lucky enough to participate in the National Competition. Yes, I’m happy. I’m so excited to see Grid that I haven’t been able to sleep for a few...

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