Chapter 1148 (Teaser)

“Do you want to increase the number of events?”

Director Yoon Sangmin was in charge of planning the 5th National Competition. After flying directly to the United States, he was making his way to the stage when he received a phone call and frowned.

President Janson’s flustered voice continued, -That... Mr. Grid has become the Blood King.

“The Overgeared Kingdom has already raided Fenrir?”

Fenrir, the highest ranked direct descendant vampire after Marie Rose, was similar in strength to the 19th great demon. The setting of the child—who received Beriache’s expectations and the hidden piece, Blood King—was a key setting obtained as a result of several calibrations.

Of course, the vampire race itself was inferior to a great demon, so their health was much lower. However, the power of struggle ‘which increased when the enemy was stronger’ and the power of domination ‘which neutralized the enemy’s weapons and skills’ were abilities optimized to counteract Grid’s knights.

It was impossible for Grid to succeed against Fenrir before Braham grew to level...

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