Chapter 1147 (Teaser)


Realm of Domination—Piaro was drawn into Fenrir’s unique world and was in a major crisis. However, there wasn’t any danger in this enchantment. The serene desert landscape was desolate and lonely.

“An immortal being...”

There were countless humans who envied the eternal life of vampires. However, were vampires suitable for the times? Could they call their eternal life a blessing when they spent most of it alone in a coffin? Piaro recalled the thirsty-for-affection Noll and thought that vampires were a very needy race.

The wolf cub on the ground approached Piaro’s feet and rubbed his cheek against them. He seemed accustomed to being loved as he wagged his tail and pushed out his belly when he met Piaro’s eyes.

Piaro smiled and stroked the wolf’s soft belly. “You are Hachika.”

Woof! His head nodded. Hachika responded by fiercely wagging his tail and a shadow was cast over Piaro’s smiling face.

“I see... your master was someone who could share affection with you despite never receiving affection.”

The identity of the enchantment was to project the user’s mental image. This mental image was based on the mind. The more dangerous the mind, the more threatening it would be. On the other...

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