Chapter 1143 (Teaser)

Out of the all normal class players, the amount of those who had never lost their number one spot in the rankings was small enough to be counted on one hand. One of them was Zednos. Few magician players could match his unique understanding of magic and how to use it. Zednos was someone the magician rankers took as a role model.

‘He is really... beyond my imagination.’

Zednos, like the other Overgeared members, dreamt of changing to a hidden class. He had constantly collected and studied the history of magic and magicians in order to obtain clues. Braham’s magical skills currently being shown were more than what was known. It was unparalleled.

‘There were many interpretations that Braham’s enhanced magic was developed from a combination of Haksen’s highest point magic and Jessica’s echo magic, but that isn’t it at all.’

Haksen’s highest point magic maximized the consumption of mana to greatly amplify the magic power. Jessica’s echo magic superimposed multiple spells together to enhance the magic. The context of increasing the magic damage was the same but...

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