Chapter 1142 (Teaser)

“If I had met him in a decent condition, I would’ve had beaten him without even swinging my sword.”

Terrible death and a massive loss of experience and items. It was okay up to here. Any player would have to accept it. However, it was a big shock to have the Sun Sword taken away and to be treated as a fool.

“What’s more, he was able to figure out a player’s intentions. Does this make sense? He's the worst monster ever. I’ll live well until the day the game is broken!”

It was Asuka’s new drinking habit. She repeated the same words like a parrot.

Black Teddy, who was watching her empty her glass with a helpless smile, pulled out a handkerchief and wiped her tears. “Young lady... I’ve been watching you for over 20 years. Every time I saw you running around like a thunderbolt, I thought of a wild horse. Now that girl is like a sick pony. My heart aches at the weakness unbecoming of you.”


“Please wake up. Act as usual and kill all those bastards! You should shake off your unbecoming frustration with a cigarette and burn with vengeance! Rather than a sick pony, become a mad dog... no, a wild horse!”


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