Chapter 1140 (Teaser)

Inside Elizabeth’s workshop in Reinhardt, Grid and Elizabeth were focusing on their work. Grid was currently making Braham’s Robes with the sewing technique he was barely accustomed to while Elizabeth was taking the utmost care to craft Braham’s earrings. 

She did her best to reward Grid for handing over the legendary-rated design. Yet even her skills weren’t enough to satisfy Braham.

“You newbie. Even zombies with rotten fingers are better than you.”

Hiing.... Elizabeth was almost in tears because of Braham, who sat by her side and kept slandering her skills. She couldn’t tolerate this treatment since she was normally treated like a princess as Eat Spicy Jokbal’s relative and the best artisan.

Grid wanted make progress on the work, so he shifted Braham’s interest in another direction. “I know that Fenrir is as strong as a great demon. Nevertheless, if you and I join forces and Piaro and the knights work together, shouldn’t we succeed without any sacrifices?”

After the hierarchy determination, Braham greatly admired the power of Grid’s knights. So, Grid thought Braham would have a positive reaction. Surprisingly, Braham was still...

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