Chapter 1139 (Teaser)

There were many different types of barriers. There was a simple barrier that was used to block outside eyes like a curtain while there were high-level barriers that embodied the mental world of the user. The thing that all had in common was that they consumed an enormous amount of magic power.

Therefore, Piaro shook. Braham completed the highest-level magic, Meteor, which was known as the magic of great demons and dragons, while also making a magic barrier.


Was it a library built in a desert? The sight of hundreds of thousands of books in an endless room exceeded the limits of nature. Even the legendary Piaro was degraded to the level of a needle in the desert.

“This is Sir Braham’s mind room...’

Indeed, it was the world of the Duke of Wisdom. The countless books symbolized the knowledge he had accumulated so far. Piaro was dragged into Braham’s magic barrier and marvelled. Then a square was cut out of a corner of the library and it opened like a door.

Braham appeared and picked up a book while asking, “Do you like reading?”

"To be honest, I don't enjoy it much."

“Hmm, I see. Then let’s move to the next place.”


What would happen if he said he liked...

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