Chapter 1138 (Teaser)

Braham wasn’t favorable to humanity. He never thought or acted for humanity. Still, many of his accomplishments helped develop civilization and as a result, helped humanity.

The by-products formed in the process of making the resurrection magic increased the popularity of magic, the Magic Communication Sphere designed to effectively speak to his disciples was considered the greatest invention of human beings, and the specimens kidnapped in order to overcome the Curse of Sloth had been a threat to many kingdoms.

There was a saying ‘Braham’s birth was a blessing to the world.’ People didn’t dare guess how many accomplishments he had made. However, if someone were to ask Braham about his greatest achievements, Braham would answer without any hesitation—the first was meeting Grid, and the second was robbing a dragon’s lair.

‘I’ve seen people resist Belial’s illusions, but...’

The magic Braham used on Jude was derived from the Book of Amon he had stolen from Trauka’s lair. 7th Great Demon Amon, who had been caught by Trauka after ascending, had the power to project the future and the past. Amon’s Book documented how to see the past. Of course, non-transcendent races weren’t able to decipher the book but this provoked Braham’s desire for ...

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