Chapter 1137 (Teaser)

“Sir Piaro and the orc lord are fighting?”

“A legendary farmer and a pig are fighting!”

Rumors quickly spread as Grid’s group sat in the agricultural fields. In just a few minutes, the fields were full. From ordinary villagers, merchants, soldiers, nobles, and players...

Among the figures who flocked to the fields was Lauel.

“Don’t allow players who aren’t part of the Overgeared Guild to enter.”


Lauel gave an order to Coke and the surroundings started to clear up quickly. Coke and the knights took control of the soldiers to drive out all outsiders from the fields. Heavily armed soldiers circled the outskirts and players were unable to see inside the fields.

“Why aren’t you showing it to us?”

“We want to see Piaro fighting!”

“We have the right to watch! The Overgeared Guild doesn’t own this land...! Ah, it is their land...”

“Piaro, fighting!”

The players driven out of the fields made a fuss. Many of them were fans of Piaro and were filled with disappointment, but none dared to cause trouble or try to infiltrate. It was the skill of the Overgeared Kingdom’s knights that they controlled tens of thousands of players with only thousands of troops. In the first place, there was no idiot who...

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