Chapter 1136 (Teaser)

“If you don’t work hard to overcome the curse, you are just a worm.”

‘Work hard... damn!’

Noll couldn’t refute it. Magic Contemplation, which denied the power he inherited from their mother, was a result of Braham’s own efforts. Noll, who relied on innate power, was ashamed of himself. He felt sorry for all the time he wasted while using the curse as an excuse.

“Braham, stop now."

Noll’s head dropped as Braham continued the mocking and slandering. Grid was worried the relationship between them would deteriorate uncontrollably so he stepped forward to mediate.

Then Noll puffed up his cheeks angrily and shouted at Braham, "I’ll show you. I'll prove that I can be stronger than you if I try! At that time, I will treat you as a worm!”


Braham waved his hand like he was chasing away a fly. It was an attitude that he wasn’t interested in anything. Noll was indignant but Grid saw it—there was a slight smile on Braham’s face the moment he turned his head.

‘Brother and brother...’

Grid wondered why Braham hated his kin and used...

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