Chapter 1135

『 It's the most shocking event since the opening of Satisfy! 』

CNV was the world’s leading news brand that sent radio waves to 400 million households in 235 countries.

As the leader of the 24 hour news channels, it had the excellent ability to read the trends, took the lead in starting professional programs for Satisfy, and dominated the market in South Korea along with OGC.

『 What is a dragon heart, a dragon heart?! 』

Satisfy World. It was a Satisfy discussion program that had established itself as one of CNV’s most popular programs. It was a program where experts from various fields gathered together and focused on dissecting the biggest news that occurred on that day in Satisfy. It was recognized for its professionalism and boasted high ratings. It was just that in recent years, the trend in viewership had become stagnant due to habitual behavior.

PD Andersen’s ambition to make Satisfy World a flagship program for CNV was far away. Then today, he got good luck.

『 Now Grid has swallowed the heart of that terrifying monster! 』

The discussion topic of today’s Satisfy World was the ‘unknown person’s’, in other words, Grid’s, third epic. Satisfy World’s viewership was the highest ever since the sentence ‘he swallowed the heart of a dragon’ attracted the attention of the world. It was thanks to the fact that the broadcast started just before Grid’s epic was written. Now the broadcast was breaking the news in real-time.

‘We were lucky to get this.’

PD Andersen continued to signal to the panel. It was a signal to start the provocative analysis. However, most of the panelists showed a passive attitude.

『 Hmmm... let’s see. Isn't it likely to be a metaphorical expression? As you know, dragons are absolute in Satisfy’s world view. Didn’t we all witness the evil dragon killing Grid and Kraugel in the 3rd National Competition? It is physically impossible for Grid and the Overgeared Guild to become strong enough to raid a dragon and take its heart in just two years. 』

『 That’s right. They can barely raid a great demon yet they are already killing a dragon? It is almost impossible for the item Grid swallowed to be a real dragon heart or an item associated with a dragon heart. 』

『 Um... 』

There were many silent panelists. The experts couldn’t speak recklessly in cases related to Grid because there was a lot of room to be wrong. The panel’s passive attitude made PD Andersen anxious.

‘Nonsense is good so keep talking! The president is also watching!’

In the broadcast industry, Grid was treated as a guaranteed check. He didn’t have to appear on air. The audience flocked even if only his name was mentioned. Not long ago, an entertainment program analyzed Grid’s whereabouts and based on this, determined the fruits that Grid didn’t like. This third-rate gossip program scored the highest viewership in that time period.

‘The fruits he doesn’t like...’

It was lukewarm watermelons and cold peaches. The moment the fruits that Grid disliked were revealed, social media heated up and all types of phenomena occurred. The social media accounts of the third-rate gossip program increased by 100 times overnight.

PD Andersen had watched this absurd situation and came to a conclusion. It was Grid. It was unconditionally Grid. Once the wave called ‘Grid’ came in, he had to paddle it to death. Today was the perfect opportunity. The epic series generated overwhelming buzz among the Grid-related issues. Andersen didn’t want to miss the chance created by the epic that occurred every few months.

However, most of the panelists were silent, making it hard to paddle.

-Then what is the dragon heart?

Andersen’s worries grew as viewers expressed their dissatisfaction in the chat window.

『 You don’t have to hunt dragons to get a dragon heart. 』

Julatan, the most popular gaming expert on the panel, opened his mouth for the first time. He had finished his own analysis while the other panelists had been talking.

『 First, let’s take a closer look at the dragons. Hasn’t it been revealed through many old books that dragons are like gods? I’m sure that no one can answer the question about how almighty a dragon is. Isn't that right? We’ve already witnessed the imperfections of the dragons through the Insane Dragon. 』 

The exact reason was unknown but Insane Dragon Nevartan was literally an insane dragon. He was captivated by madness and completely lost his sense of reason. It was proof that dragons couldn’t avoid illnesses and curses.

『 In the first place, dragons might be like gods but they aren’t gods themselves. We can’t rule out the possibility of weakening or dying from a natural death or from fighting with each other. Somewhere on the continent, a dragon’s corpse might be sleeping. 』

『 Even if it is the heart of a dead dragon, the dragon heart swallowed by Grid should still be a dragon heart, right? 』

『 Yes, it is undeniable. The epic accurately states the ‘heart of a dragon.’ This doesn’t mean it is a perfect dragon heart. It makes more sense to assume that the power of the dragon heart was consumed through some type of elixir. 』

『 What is the basis? 』

『 The S.A Group is very conscious of the balance of the game. Since the third advancement, normal class players had been quickly catching up to hidden classes and there are many hints that the gap will be significantly reduced from the fourth advancement. If the S.A Group already released dragon hearts into the game then it will be a situation where someone is overwhelmingly strong. 』

『 In other words, it is correct that Grid has consumed a dragon heart but it is incomplete and the effect will be minimal? 』

『 Yes, it would be right to guess that it is a few times more effective than an elixir. It should be approximately 10 times as effective. 』

『 Isn’t the effect of 10 elixirs equivalent to levelling up 10 times? It is really hard to level up after level 390 yet the elixir will have the effect of 10 levels? Is it a balanced item? 』

『 Let’s see. More of the top players are obsessed with buying elixirs and in fact, elixir transactions are being made on various routes. Then there shouldn’t be any discussion of the balance collapsing. 』 

“It is too ordinary...”

The director’s face was rotten as he watched the broadcast from PD Andersen’s side. He wanted the panel to be more provocative to cause a huge increase in viewership. However, the analysis was so cold that it wasn’t as interesting as expected. He felt like he wouldn’t be able to see the Grid effect.

Then the result ended up different from what he expected. The viewership was already a steep upward curve.

“What? Why is the viewership so high?”

"It is a world where the fact that Grid doesn’t like lukewarm watermelons will attract viewers. The epics naturally have a greater effect. The other stations are making such a fuss that viewers seem to appreciate the calm evaluation... what? Is that true?”

PD Andersen was explaining to the director when he became startled. It was because one of the staff members ran over and told him something.

“The legendary great magician has been resurrected?”

At the same time, the panelists received the news and started scrambling.

『 The legendary great magician has been resurrected? It isn’t the descendant of the legendary great magician? 』

『 An unprecedented situation...! 』

『 It's the most shocking event since the opening of Satisfy! 』

『 I agree. It is a shock comparable to when Grid first appeared and defeated the Yatan’s Servant. How on earth was the legendary great magician resurrected? 』

『 Braham is believed to be the fifth strongest among the legends of the previous generation. 』

Most of the big issues that had arisen in Satisfy were related to Grid. This time was an exception. It was more shocking and fresh because it wasn’t related to Grid.

The director gave instructions to PD Andersen. “Let’s increase the broadcast time today for a two hour special.”

“Is it okay?”

“This is what the president ordered. Grid’s epic and the resurrection of the legendary great magician... isn’t there a lot of stories to cover today? How can we jump away from it?”

“Leave it to me!”

Originally, it should’ve been delivered as emergency news, not a special program. The situation was reversed thanks to the broadcast dealing with Grid’s epic. In fact, most of the other broadcasting stations were starting the emergency news while only CNV was broadcasting Satisfy World. 

PD Andersen was really lucky.

‘Hooray Grid!’

Another Grid follower was born in New York, far from South Korea. 



He was a foolish man. Even when all his kin were sleeping due to the curse, he resisted it fiercely. He said he had to think for one more second. He had to read one more letter. He foolishly extended the wounds on his body once he was about to fall asleep again.

“How did you...!”

He was a fool. Despite being born with a power great enough to survive a short day, he wasn’t satisfied and explored greater power. He declared he would become strong enough to break the curse. He was going to liberate their mother, who was trapped in a narrow coffin. For the vain dream that could never be achieved, he wandered for hundreds of years.

“How are you alive?”

Noll had come to the Overgeared Palace in response to Grid’s summoning. He doubted reality once he encountered Braham. Braham had so much of their mother’s desire for exploration that he committed a taboo and harmed his own kin. He was abandoned by their mother, lost his eternal life to Marie Rose, and exiled a long time ago. Hundreds of years later, he reappeared in front of Noll.


Noll dropped his gaze with surprise when he met Braham’s eyes. Deep disgust and sympathy—the feelings in Braham’s eyes whenever he looked at his kin were very unpleasant. However...

"You’ve overcome the curse."


The eyes of the resurrected Braham had changed. There was no hatred or sympathy, only indifference. It was like he didn’t care about them anymore. “It is due to the constant exposure and stimulation of Qualification of a Blood King built up by Grid. You are a lucky guy.”


“By the way, aren’t you too apathetic reuniting with your brother after a long time?” Grid tried to relax the cold atmosphere. It wouldn’t have worked previously but now it was different.

“What brother...”

“It is unpleasant.”

Both Braham and Noll grumbled but the atmosphere didn’t deteriorate any further. Their fondness for Grid was too great for them to defy Grid’s will due to their personal feelings. Once the situation calmed down, Grid gazed at his knights.

Piaro, Mercedes, Asmophel, Jude, Noll, Teruchan, Singuled, Amelda, Kentrick, Dante, and Braham...

There were sitting at the round table where the 10 meritorious retainers should’ve originally been sitting, observing each other with different expressions. They were admiring or feeling intrigued about each other’s capabilities. Ah, except for Jude. He looked up at the ceiling and seemed to have no thoughts.

‘He has been training hard every day.’

Grid smiled as he confirmed Jude’s level and then he declared, “We will raid Fenrir’s city.”

“Fenrir? We are going to hit Fenrir?” Noll started shaking. “It's suicide! He has inherited two of Mother’s powers!”

Asmophel reacted with doubt. “Isn’t he much weaker than a great demon?”


The knights who joined the Overgeared Kingdom relatively late, like Singuled and Amelda, were flustered. It was because Asmophel referred to a great demon that could destroy the world in a tone like it was too insignificant. Of course, they knew that the Overgeared Kingdom had already destroyed two great demons but they were difficult fights.

Noll snorted. “My mother was the 3rd Great Demon.”


“The great demons outside the top 10 couldn’t harm her. Fenrir has inherited two of her powers.”

Noll stared straight at Grid.

"You know that great demons summoned to the human world are much weaker than they are in hell, right? However, Fenrir was born here and receives no penalty from it. Fenrir is incredibly strong, especially when he is in his territory. One of his powers is ‘domination.’ Grid, think about it again. It is still too early to hit Fenrir. Really.”


Grid knew Beriache was one of the top-ranking great demons but he hadn’t expected her to be third. There was a reason why God Yatan had become personally wary of her, planted a curse, and expelled her from hell.

“...Is it okay?” Grid glanced at Braham. “You know that I don’t want any sacrifices.”


Braham’s nostrils flared.

"I was the strongest until Marie Rose showed up. Even then, I hadn’t learned the essence of magic. In addition, the thing that we inherited from our mother wasn’t power but ‘personality.’ It is true that the more personality traits that are inherited, the more superior we are. Still, keep in mind that I only inherited one personality trait from my mother.”


“Sloth is the greatest sin. That’s why Yatan cursed our kin with the Curse of Idleness. Those affected by it don’t develop and the representative example is Fenrir. The mother is great so the children would naturally be great? It is bullshit rattled off by pure and weak worms. There is only one great being, Marie Rose, and this is because she is our Mother’s child.”

“Braham! That arrogant personality is still the same! You might’ve been great in the old days but now you are just a fool who has lost his strength!!! Don’t be cocky when you are weaker than me!”

Noll was unable to stand being called a worm and got up. Grid tried to calm Noll down but Braham just waved his hand. It was a rather frivolous gesture but there was a strange dignity when combined with the languid eyes.

“I think it is better to have the hierarchy sorted out now. Isn't that right?”


Grid was confused. It was because Braham was looking at Piaro, not Noll, when he spoke. Piaro took a sip of alcohol and replied, “I agree.”

“You jerk!”

Noll eventually couldn’t stand it and used blood magic. In an instant, weapons made of blood were produced and flew toward Braham. Braham examined them and destroyed them. It was done by reversing the formulas and principles of Noll’s magic.


Noll was astounded. Braham’s eyes were still indifferent as he looked at Noll.

“If you don’t work hard to overcome the curse, you are just a worm.”

Work hard—the words didn’t seem to match Braham but Grid knew better. Braham had been working harder than anyone else. The first evidence was that he overcame his race’s curse by himself and the second evidence was that he became a legend after being expelled from his clan.

Maybe he resembled Grid.

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