Chapter 1134 (Teaser)

The millennium ice that had been frozen for years melted and became a river. The glacier dungeon was flooded in an instant, and Grid escaped hurriedly. When he appeared all soaked, the expressions of the Overgeared members darkened.

“What is it? Did something go wrong?”

“No.” Grid smiled and turned his head.

The sound of water dripping could be heard from the depths of the stairwell connecting the Sword Grave to the Glacier Dungeon. Someone was climbing the stairs with wet feet.

“There were no problems.”

The moment that Grid replied...

[Legendary Great Magician Braham has been resurrected!!]

The world message emerged.

Ah…!!” Exclamations rang out from all over the place. Finally, the man climbing the stairs showed up. He had long silvery eyelashes that shone like fog, a nose and jawline that millions of artists couldn’t obtain through plastic surgery even if they collaborated, and eyes in which flames seemed to have been trapped. Braham’s true appearance was so beautiful that it was beyond the Overgeared members’ imaginations. His appearance was enough to make people wonder if he was the ‘source’ of beauty.

Sigh...” Braham’s breaths echoed in the silent Sword Grave. Every time he breathed, water dripped into his deep clavicle....

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