Chapter 1130 (Teaser)

In the capital, Reinhardt..

There were hundreds of elite soldiers stationed here. Armed with Grid’s mass-produced set, they were thoroughly wary of anyone suspicious. Yet even they were unaware of the tower association members. 

Ahhhhhh! Please release your hand’s grip. Do I need to be dragged by the ear when I’m this old?”

“Be quiet before I cut off your ears.”


“You were late to return, so I chased after your whereabouts. Didn’t you create a big accident this time?”

“How could I have known that the Pioneer changed? Even the tower master didn’t know the Pioneer had changed when I was assigned this task.”

“That is true.”

Jessica, the eighth seat of the Tower of Wisdom—she knew Biban very well. He wasn’t a reliable man because he was ignorant and simple in his work outside of swordsmanship. Nevertheless, she didn’t protest when the tower master told Biban to go on the mission. The Pioneer of the modern age was Sword Saint Kraugel, and Biban was also a Sword Saint. She thought it would be easy for the two of them to come together.

“That’s why it is unfair. Don’t try to lay all the responsibility on me now.”

“What is unfair? You are the one who leaked the tower’s information to three outsiders when the Pioneer changed. It wouldn’t have happened if you had acted with caution.”

“Why are you speaking so unkindly? Come on, please defend me in front of the second seat. I’m sick at the thought...

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