Chapter 113 (Teaser)

Chapter 113

Approximately 10 minutes later. After hammering a few times while squatting in front of the lava, Grid stood up and cheered.

“Good! It’s complete!”

Jishuka and Vantner asked from where they were watching on the side.

“Already? What is it?”

It wasn’t possible to know the identity of the item made by Grid. Who would imagine a small cylindrical object with two wires attached was a key?


Grid confidently entered the cave. Then he chose the old wooden box among the two remaining and he placed the wire... No, he inserted the key.


Due to making numerous items, Grid’s dexterity was now over 1,600. Considering that Khan was known as the best blacksmith in the north and he had around 600 dexterity, Grid’s dexterity was unique. And the Master Key was an item affected by dexterity. As long as Grid used this key, there was no lock that couldn’t be opened.


The rusty padlock...

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locked lock representing last hold back

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