Chapter 1129 (Teaser)

It was almost time for the rooster to cry. It would be better to hurry up.

“Let’s begin.”


Biban raised himself and Grid—who had recovered thanks to Biban waiting—followed by standing up.

“Madra’s swordsmanship is extremely simple.”


Up to now, Biban had kept praising Madra. The ultimate compliment was when he revealed that he couldn’t fully reproduce Madra’s Swordsmanship. Yet now he said that it was simple. Biban seemingly understood the question and added an explanation. “It is simple and complete. It is much more efficient and exquisite compared to your sword dance, which has many complex movements and trajectories.”


Grid closed his mouth. He didn’t know what type of confrontation he would face if he replied without knowing anything, so he thought silence was a good thing. It was the wisdom of an ordinary person.

“It is one crushing blow.”

Biban held the sword with his fingers and took a posture. He stood tall and faced forward, then he twisted his back and lowered his arm. He tried to put strength into his waist in this position. The peculiar stance that caused people to feel doubts was the basic form of 100,000 Army Massacre Sword.

“A single blow is the essence of Madra’s swordsmanship. This is the same...

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